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Meet Morgan Lunn, Founder of Girl Gang Goodies

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Morgan, wearing our Girl Gang Tee (White)

Meet Morgan, founder of GIRL GANG GOODIES. Don’t be fooled - this company is about much more than a chocolate chip cookie. GIRL GANG is all about supporting women to learn to live in a place of self-love, and celebrate their own powerful GIRL GANG.

“We are living in a time of powerful change - equal rights for women, equal opportunities and the unstoppable collective voice of women.”

- Morgan Lunn

Tell us about GIRL GANG GOODIES.

GIRL GANG was born from an interception of three things: my experience in 2017, my desire to break out on my own, and the conversation around female empowerment.

I had a very personally challenging year, and when I was reflecting, outside my family the people who really showed up for me and came up to bat was my girl gang. I wouldn’t have made it through without them. I feel so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such strong, supportive, and powerful women in my life.

I've always felt compelled by the spectre of the question “what do you want to do with your career” because my answer has always been “I want to be an entrepreneur” and yet, I hadn’t started anything. Something I'm always doing is baking. Particularly this family cookie recipe–whether it’s for a friend’s birthday, a potluck, a hosting gift, a pick-me-up, or a quick treat, I love the reaction when people try them.

Like many women, I've been inspired by the conversation surrounding female empowerment–be it women taking back their power through the #metoo and #timesup movement, the demand for equal pay and equal opportunities, and the personal conversations with friends and family about being a woman in the workforce. I wanted to join the conversation by creating something that celebrated women, and what better way then to start with those in your own girl gang!

It started as a made-to-order pilot for Valentines’ Day just to learn how to build a business, with the anticipation that only my mom would order and maybe a few friends. And then we got 10 orders. Then 60. Then we sold out. As everyone was opening their orders and sharing how much they loved the cookies it dawned on me that this business might have legs. 


Tell us about your productis this your differentiator? We need to know more about these “knock-you-naked” cookies.

The GOODIES recipe comes from a scrap of paper left in an apartment by my dad’s ex-girlfriend in the 70’s, which was then altered by a different girlfriend who became a badass wife (my mom), who taught me and I altered it again to start GIRL GANG GOODIES. These are not just chocolate chip cookies–like Friday night, these GOODIES have a little extra spice, a secret blend we add that makes these GOODIES taste like Christmas x three blends of chocolate x gooey-heaven–they’ll knock-you-naked. Promise. Our cookies are definitely unique, but our real differentiator is our brand and the community we're building. 


You recently quit your job to pursue your side hustle. What gave you the courage to take on your passion project full time?

After we sold out, to say thinking about the possibilities of GGG consumed me would be an understatement. I don’t think I slept for three days. I just felt this overwhelming desire that I had to keep this going. I blurted out the idea of doing GGG full time to two girlfriends and without hesitation they said “you have to do this.” They were so incredibly supportive; it was like I had my own cheer squad. I shared my plans with my family and they fully endorsed the idea so–I jumped. It really felt like there was a door and it was just waiting to be opened. It may lead to a big success, or it may end up as huge failure, and I’m up for that. I’m shooting my shot.


What inspires you? Excites you? Gets you up in the morning?

My personal GIRL GANG inspires me: my mom, who is the definition of hard work and the embodiment of love; my aunt who taught me courage to have a voice, an opinion, but to also nurture life-long curiosity; my girlfriends who are driven, compassionate, and creative women who are all only starting to pour the gasoline as they set this world on fire.

What excites me? We are living in a time of powerful change - equal rights for women, equal opportunities, and the unstoppable collective voice of women. These are wildly important conversations, and one every woman and man can participate in. We can change the societal standard for women and the opportunities for this and our daughter’s generation. When I tell my daughter “there was a time when women only made $0.70 to every man’s $1”, I want her to be terribly confused as to how that was even possible. It starts now. It’s time for change.

What gets me up in the morning? The adrenaline of growing GGG. And if it’s Friday it’s spinning at Ride Cycle Club with Taylor.

If you had to define your brand using 3 words, what would they be and why?

  1. Empowered. The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. We want to encourage women to lean in to self-love because when you take care of yourself you create the capacity to empower and uplift the women in your life.
  2. Community. We are building a community of women celebrating women in their life.
  3. Delicious. I mean… I don’t call them knock-you-naked for nothing. Try them.


What advice would you give to people who want to start their own business?

  1. Do it afraid. For me, it was about finding the confidence within me to take the leap. I was recently at a Creator Class event where Talya Macedo (Manager, Creative at Sony Music) said, “you’re never going to be really ready. The stakes are always going to be high, so you have to ‘do it afraid.”
  2. You define your own success. Our ego can create this giant obstacle for us surrounding this mountain of failure we build in our minds that can seem insurmountable. I felt this way and one of my best friends who has started her own company said, “a lot of people are going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing – just remember only you can define what your success is.”

Join the GIRL GANG on Instagram here.  


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